How It Works

We love to take jobs off the plates of overworked & under-slept parents.

From the moment you order your child’s box of postcards you’re officially off the hook for after bedtime baking or icy pole taking.

Once you’ve received your postcards, here’s what happens:

  • You simply record your child’s name and Birth date on the Teacher’s postcard and send it in, along with the entire box of blank cards, to the classroom (secret squirrel style), just before the 20thof the month prior to your child’s Birthday.
  • If the BIG day is in October then send them in just before the 20th September.

  • If the BIG day is in December, January or February then send them in just before the 20th November.   Your teacher will either present them to your child on their special day in December, or return the keepsake box to you (secret squirrel style) to present to your child on the BIG day during the holidays.   There’ll be no more missing out for the Summer celebrators.  

  • On or around the 20th of each month the postcards are sent home with your child’s classmates.

  • The children will write a message on their card at home and return it back into the keepsake box prior to the end of the month. (When your child brings one home, we encourage them to find their own words however, if they’re stuck they can look for inspiration under our “for students” tab).

  • Your child’s teacher will present the keepsake box full of gorgeous messages to your child on his or her special day.

  • Your child will receive a box full of gorgeous messages that can be kept forever.   Kind words that will stay with them way longer than a half melted icy pole or a cupcake lovingly baked (at midnight) by your good self… even if you added 2 cups of love & a pinch of sparkle!

  • The postcards have been designed to be used as bookmarks or inspo cards and as such we ask that they’re handled with care on their travels between school and home, and that all the kind words and any accompanying artwork be contained to the reverse side of the cards.

  • School holiday Birthday celebrators don’t miss out under this Project.  The keepsake box full of gorgeous postcards will be discreetly returned to you, secret squirrel style, prior to the end of Term.  Guaranteed extra smiles on their big day… especially if you have a late December or January babe.

We’re passionate about this Project and would love to bring it to all school aged children.

To make that happen we need your help to shout out to all the good people at your school who’d love to support something big. 

Something important.  Something that will benefit the health of every student.

Together we really can change the world.